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Fired Decoration

Fired Decoration


Description of manufacture:  These ceramics were thrown on the potter ‘s wheel and all of their clay work was completed without any use of molds. They were decorated in hand by paintbrushes , without any use of stamps.

Before firing , they were covered with a slip of natural Cretan clay lighter in color and they were burnished  and decorated with natural materials, like the originals.

They were fired up to 950 degrees Celsius .

Materials: Reddish earthenware natural Cretan clay for the bodies, pale natural Cretan clay as a cover on their surface, natural  red soil with colorants for the decoration .

Factors of quality: The forms of the pots , the addition of extra parts ( handles, spouts etc) , the smoothing of the surface, the style of  decoration , all were made after thorough study of the original ancient finds  with respect to this cultural  heritage. Also, fired decoration offers stability for ever. Dignified hand work always offers positive energy to people who possess such objects.