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St Louis Community college, USA

St Louis Community college, USA

October 22 – October 26 , 2018

Vassilis Politakis was a guest of Dr James Ibur ( ) , Professor Assistant Chair, Head of Ceramics, Clay Club Sponsor, Dept. of design, Visual and Performing Arts, STLCC – Meramec. He supervised a workshop which included demonstrations and lectures of his work , specializing in honoring ancient Minoan Pottery.



  1. Minoan techniques:

-Natural Cretan clays – Minoan potter’s wheel -Types of firings, kilns, pits –                           Ancient  technique ( Kamares style, Neopalatial period, materials, decoration, stages of firing)

  1. Minoan decoration on pottery

Style, subjects, diachronical values


-Techniques of throwing on the potter’s wheel

-Addition of extra parts( handles, spouts etc )

-Preparation of materials for decoration, burnishing, decoration with paint brushes

-Construction of a Minoan type kiln with refractory bricks

-Firing the Minoan type kiln, using the ancient technique


Digital presentation :

Method of educational programs : From consideration to creation, factors of success

The story :

In the fourth dimension, ceramicists from all ages of the human race and from different places around the world organize a meeting. The aim is common: to create the key of joy. The Minoan potter describes “the tree of life” that he had created in Crete. He suggests that his “holy” tree can host the works of the rest of the artists.

             What we did:

We put ourselves in the position of these ceramicists, we created our own “keys of joy” with clay and place our creations on a tree which had been prefabricated by Jim Ibur. Influenced by the seminar on Minoan expression through pottery, we adapted and used the Minoan characteristics which were closer to our point of view.

An analysis of our concept surely raised our inspiration. We tried to find out what stimulations could cause the feeling of joy to us.

In collaboration with the improvisation group of the college we organized a presentation of our works, on Friday the 26th of October. This contained short talks referring to the subjects we chose to present, music, videos, events, scenery lights.

We chose raku technique to express ourselves through clay manufacture .This was a cooperation between Vassilis Politakis (animating spirit) and James Ibur ( practice of the technique).

Some words by Vassilis Politakis about the event:

” I need to say a big thank you to Jim Ibur for his hospitality, his perfect collaboration, his talent and his professionalism. From now on I consider him a global brother of mine.

The human touch and attention of the students were incredible. I love them all.

The college administration as well as all their members were absolutely consistent and friendly.

It was surely one of the best experiences in my life.”